Step by step walk through of the Red Pen tool


Create your task

First off create your assessment task. Create your assessment objectives, drag and drop them into place and then choose a grading scheme.


Upload the work

Next upload your student work. Browse to the file and select as many as you wish or use our new drag and drop interface to simply drag your files into the tool. The work will automatically be converted into a format that can be shown through your browser.

Intuitive on-screen marking, annotation and assessment tool for teachers

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Try Red Pen Tool Free for 30 days

See our tutorial video which walks you through the Red Pen tool's functions.

A revolution in digital assessment

After listening to the frustration of teachers with traditional electronic assessment. TAG have invented a new way to combine the convenience and speed of red pen marking on paper, with the huge benefits of electronic tracking and assessment. We call it Red Pen!

View any file type using just your browser

The Red Pen Tool automatically converts your student work into a format that can be viewed by any web browser. You do not need to install the software in which the student work was created in order to view the file, the Red Pen Tool takes care of this for you!

Annotate and assess just like you are using a pen

The Red Pen Tool lets you layer annotations and marks on top of the work without actually affecting the original file. Using an easy to use interface you can drag and drop assessment objectives to demonstrate exactly where within the work the evidence is located!

Save Time and Money

Make marking easier, quicker and save on printing cost
– typically up to £5,000 for a secondary school!